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Rules of work of drivers

  • Terms of cooperation
  • OnTaxi drivers' rights
  • Requirements for drivers and cars
  • Working with the application
  • Work with the order
  • Rating and reviews
  • It is strictly forbidden to
  • Possible reasons for blocking your account
  • Possible fines

Terms of cooperation

  • A car Ukrainian registration;
  • The knowledge of the Ukrainian language to be able to provide services in the state language;
  • A valid driver's license (category B, not a temporary license);
  • Driving experience of at least 2 years;
  • Technical passport of the car;
  • Compulsory civil liability insurance (CTP);
  • The car is not a coupe body;
  • Knowledge of the city;
  • Correctly filled in the profile;
  • No signs of other brands and insignia of other companies of the car body.
Attention: Depending on the city, there are additional conditions regarding the year of manufacture of the car, technical characteristics and the existence of an open set for a certain class of car.

OnTaxi drivers' rights

Drivers have the right:
  • Receive payment for a part of the trip according to OnTaxi tariffs in case of a stop at the request of the passenger. In case of continuation of the trip, receive an advance payment by agreement with the passenger for the waiting time, according to the current tariffs (if the passenger does not appear within the paid time, the trip is considered completed).
  • Have access to the software, subject to payment to OnTaxi for information services.
  • Receive information support:
  • Leave:
    • your feedback, wishes and suggestions for improving the service;
    • complaints against a service employee in case of incompetence, abuse of authority or misconduct.
    You can do this using the form on Ukrainian language:
  • Cancel the order if:
    • the client is drunk or under the influence of drugs;
    • a client with aggressive, inadequate, threatening behavior;
    • more passengers than the selected fare allows;
    • a client in very dirty clothes;
    • the passenger is carrying items prohibited for transportation or items that may contaminate the interior of the car, including food and drinks;
    • there is baggage that does not fit in the luggage compartment;
  • Receive compensation from the passenger in case of contamination or damage to the cabin of the car or damage to the car;
  • Notify the passenger and the support team of any contamination or damage to the car cabin or damage to the car (if it happened) immediately after the order is completed. To do this, the driver must take a high-quality photo of the cabin or the place of damage with the date and time on the photo. Provide the photo, along with a receipt for dry cleaning or other expenses to service representatives if the issue cannot be resolved with the client on the spot. The receipt must contain information about the date and time of dry cleaning or repair, the name of the company (service) that provided the dry cleaning or repair service, and what services were provided. Also, the driver must provide information about the order and describe the situation. There are different ways of compensation - material, higher branding priority, temporary VIP or temporary reduced commission. The our service may consider the issue of compensation for damage to the driver both in full and in part.
  • Not wait for a client after the free waiting period has expired at the starting of the trip. Also, end the trip after 10 minutes of waiting if it is an intermediate address.
  • Submit a request to the service for compensation possible one of the following ways:
    • unpaid waiting by the client at an intermediate point (the amount of compensation is not more than 10 minutes);
    • trip unpaid by the client (the amount of compensation in the amount of up to 200 UAH);
    • contamination and damage to the cabin of the car or damage to the car.
  • Get priority for receiving orders.

Requirements for drivers and cars

High-quality service is a key indicator of your professionalism!
Be professionals in your field!
  • Look neat (always be well-groomed and wear clean clothes).
  • Be polite and avoid conflicts with passengers and other drivers.
  • Play music only after agreeing with the client.
  • Create comfortable travel conditions in the car, taking into account the passenger's preferences (travel speed, driving style, cabin temperature, music style and noise level, etc.).
  • Follow the traffic rules.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and psychotropic substances 24 hours before going to work.
  • Be physically and mentally healthy to provide services.
  • Have change with you to pay the passenger. In their absence, drivers must change the money themselves and give the customer the change in full.
  • Do not smoke in the car.
  • Keep the car that will provide services to OnTaxi customers clean inside and out;
  • Keep your car in good technical condition.
  • Make sure that there is no obvious damage to the body.
  • After each order, check the car interior for dirt and possible things left behind by the customer.
  • Сome on a car without signs of other brands on the car body.
  • Make sure that the cabin is free of cigarette smell and other pungent and unpleasant odors.
  • Сome only on the car that is registered in OnTax

Working with the application

  • You can replenish your personal account in the OnTaxi Driver app in various ways:
    • From a Visa/Mastercard card linked to your account. Account menu, replenish button. The in-app replenish fee is 3%.
    • Making an order with a cashless payment is the most profitable way to make a replenish, as there is no commission.
    • Through the terminal EasyPay. The commission amount depends on the amount of replenishment:
      • less than 20 UAH. - 2 UAH;
      • from 20 UAH up to 100 UAH - 3 UAH;
      • from 100 or more - 3% of the replenishment amount.
    • On the EasyPay website at the link:
  • Tips for setting up a filter and auto-capture:
    • Use the Basic filter if the feed radius and the desired order class are sufficient for the selection conditions.
    • Use "advanced filters" if you have more conditions for selection than the basic filter.
    • You can turn on Auto mode (on the main screen) if you want to receive orders for selected filters automatically.
  • Recommended time of departure to the line to increase daily earnings: Weekdays - 07:00 - 09:00, 22:00-00:00.
  • You have 10 seconds to confirm or decline an order that has been received via auto-capture. There shouldn't be too many refusals. If it is not possible to fulfill the order, you need to turn off automatic order capture (“autocapture”).
  • The driver is strictly prohibited from transferring his/her account for use by other persons!
  • We have developed a user manual to help you master the application. Link to the manual:

Work with orders

  • The commission from OnTaxi orders is set individually for each city. You can see its amount in the OnTaxi Driver app in the Rates section.
  • You can change the route of an incomplete order directly in the app. After the changes are made by the customer, the driver confirms or cancels them.
  • Completed orders with a changed reroute are recalculated through the support service. You must inform the support operator about the route change (including non-cash orders). And the cost of the order will be recalculated. You should call from the "Support" section in the application.
  • Customer waiting can be paid, activated manually with the "idle" button after free waiting, turned off automatically at the beginning of the journey and added to the order amount. It is strictly forbidden to activate paid waiting in traffic jams and at traffic lights!
  • For pre-booking, the car must be delivered at least 5 minutes before the appointed time.
  • Customer waiting time after the car is delivered or at intermediate points should be at least 5 minutes.
  • The driver is prohibited from increasing the fare above the one specified in the order.
  • The driver is prohibited from talking on the phone or chatting while fulfilling the order.
  • The driver is not allowed to accept a new order until the current one is closed, except for the following:
    • Time orders with at least 30 minutes before the car delivery time;
    • Orders that come in through the "order chain" while the current order is being completed, when there are less than 200 meters to the end point.
  • The driver is not allowed to fulfill an order in the Delivery tariff in parallel with another order, after orders with customers and personal affairs, if the order in the Delivery tariff was accepted earlier.
  • The driver is not allowed to ask the customer to cancel the order.
  • The driver is prohibited from accepting orders that do not meet the customer's requirements (time of delivery, car class, lack of necessary options, etc.).
  • If the requirements for the order, taking into account the comment, do not suit the driver - there is no need to accept the order. If the order is accepted, the driver must cancel it.
  • Rating and reviews

    Rating is a system for evaluating personal impressions by trip participants.

    Why do you need a rating

    The rating system primarily helps to create safe and comfortable travel conditions. It allows you to assess the quality of the service provided. Both the driver and the client can rate the ride. This allows us to warn about some unscrupulous and irresponsible drivers or passengers. Unfortunately, there are sometimes not punctual, inattentive, and sometimes rude both drivers and customers. Feedback helps to identify the cause of conflict situations and eliminate it, block those who are regularly rude and provoke conflict, behave irresponsibly and dishonestly. Also, the feedback left during the evaluation of the trip gives us the opportunity to respond to problems in a timely manner and solve them.
    • No discrimination is permitted in reviews! on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other basis covered by discrimination laws.
    • Steady downgrades are prohibited and may result in a fine or blocking in the service.

    How is the rating calculated?

    The rating appears after the first rating for a ride with you. It is calculated automatically based on the last 50 ratings (not all). The later the trip was rated, the more it affects the rating. Therefore, it is important to receive subsequent ratings of "5" to correct the rating as soon as possible. After all, a rating system like ours makes it possible to return the highest possible rating.
    Ratings left 24 hours after the end of the trip do not affect the rating, as well as ratings related to the operation of the application.

    Rating protection function

    If a driver with a 5.0 rating continues to receive 5 ratings without interruption, their rating is protected. This allows drivers with exceptionally high ratings and regular top scores to keep their ratings high in the event of a low rating that is left unfairly without a reason.

    Can I appeal a rating or review?

    • You can appeal reviews with ratings from 1 to 3. Only those ratings that are left by mistake or are not true are subject to correction.
    • A score of "4" is considered positive and cannot be corrected. The rating after that quickly increases with subsequent trips, provided that you receive high ratings in the future.
    • A customer review can only be removed or corrected if it is false or offensive.
    • If the review contains a text comment describing the reasons for the rating reduction, it is not deleted. This is the customer's impression after traveling with you.
    • A rating with the tags "Driver's work", "The car in terrible condition" or with a reasoned review is not corrected.

    Why is it important to keep the rating high?

    The rating affects the distribution and availability of orders.
    The rating and reviews form a general idea of the driver's personal and professional qualities. This determines the success of the driver's interaction with both passengers and the service. Passengers may refuse to travel with a driver. A low rating (below 4.7) may result in a driver being blocked from the service.
    Therefore, it is important to always adhere to the rules and terms of service. Be polite, create comfortable conditions for the passenger, follow traffic rules and keep the car in good condition.

    It is strictly forbidden to

    • To come to orders with outsiders.
    • To clickup "Arrived" before the actual arrival at the specified address.
    • To transfer the accepted order or other information related to the order and the client to third parties.
    • To imposing a joint trip on several passengers (picking up other passengers).
    • Engage in disputes, as well as be rude to passengers, use obscene language.
    • To touch a passenger, except when the passenger needs help getting into or out of the car.
    • To keeping the customer's phone number and use it to contact the customer after the order is completed.
    • To contact the customer to find out the basis for the passenger's rating for the trip.
    • To leave comments about the trip that are not true.
    • To leave rude and offensive feedback.
    • Discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic covered by discrimination laws.
    • To talk to clients about religion, politics, gender roles, and sexual orientation.
    • To talk rudely to a service employee.
    • It is forbidden to use third-party radio channels (Zello) when fulfilling orders.

    Possible reasons for blocking your account

    The OnTaxi service reserves the right to block the user's account in the Mobile Application or to deprive the user of access to the service in part at any time without explanation and prior notice, as well as without obtaining any consent from the user.
    Account blocking and disconnection from the OnTaxi information system are possible in the following situations:
    • violation of the driver's work rules;
    • absence of completed service orders within 1 calendar month;
    • systematic or critical violations of work rules;
    • low indicators of rating, statistic, etc;
    • driver's failure to meet the requirements of the service OnTaxi;
    • mismatch of vehicle characteristics with requirements of service OnTaxi;
    • systematic complaints from customers;
    • Numerous cancellations auto-captures;
    • systematic rude comments about passengers;
    • rude communication with service employees;
    • request to customers to cancel an order;
    • fraud and transfer of the account to a 3rd party (blocking of withdrawals is carried out on an ongoing basis, as there is no certainty that the account belongs to a certain driver).

    Possible fines

    • For canceling an order after acceptance - a fine:
      • up to 10 seconds - 1 UAH;
      • from 11 seconds to 1 minute - 15 UAH;
      • from 1 minute or more - 30 UAH
    • For a request to customer to cancel an order, a fine of 300 UAH is imposed.
    • A fine of 30 UAH is imposed for the failure of any trips.
    • A fine of 100 UAH or more is imposed for the failure of a trips to/out railway station.
    • A fine of 20 UAH or more is imposed for rude communication with the operator.
    • A fine of 20 UAH or more is imposed for rude behavior with passengers.
    • A fine of 50 UAH or more is imposed for violation of the rules and conditions of work.
    • A rude review about a passenger result in a fine of 50 UAH, a block for a week, and a complete shutdown for good.
    • Taking orders that do not correspond to the car class will result in a fine of 20 UAH or more.
    • Any attempt to use third-party software to take orders is subject to a fine of 500 UAH per day.
    • A fine of 50 UAH or a fine in the amount of the commission for the order is imposed for fraudulent orders.
    • For closing an unfulfilled order with non-cash payment, a fine of 50 UAH or more will be imposed.
    • Calls/sms to a customer with complaints about the ride assessment - a fine of 50 UAH or more.
    • Premature removal of signs brand is punishable by a fine of 500 UAH or more.