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Percentage of acceptance

Acceptance rate is a new indicator for drivers that makes work more transparent. The percentage of acceptance is determined by the ratio of the number of executed, not accepted at the stage of the proposal and canceled orders.

In the near future, the percentage of acceptance will begin to affect the distribution of orders on air.

Percentage of acceptancePercentage of acceptance

How does it work?

Everything is very simple. The rate of «% acceptance of orders» is calculated on the basis of the last 50 trips.

The indicator will be:

Increase when you confirm (accept) the trip (the order as a result is fulfilled by the driver).

Decrease if you cancel or skip the auto capture order.

Decrease if you cancel a previously accepted order.

How does it work?

Do all orders affect performance?

It's obvious that there can be reasons that prevent you from accepting an order. The purpose of the indicator is to make working with standard orders more transparent.

Therefore, the acceptance percentage is not affected by such orders as:

Orders leading outside the city

Order with comment

Delivery class order

Orders without end point of arrival

Orders from customers with a rating of 4.3 and below

Order with intermediate points on the route

Order "For a certain time"

Do all orders affect performance?

We monitor progress together

As a driver, you will be notified of any changes in your personal order acceptance rate.

The whole history and how this figure was formed can be seen in the Order Archive.

Each order in the archive has a corresponding stamp that shows whether the order affected the indicator or not.

Percentage of acceptancePercentage of acceptance

Starting point

At this time, the figure will be calculated, but will not affect the distribution of orders. We want to test the performance first and give our drivers time to test it.

The indicator will soon affect the schedule of the order on air. The higher your score, the better.

For new drivers who have not yet completed 50 trips, the indicator will be calculated and displayed, but will not affect the distribution of orders until the completion of 50 orders.

Starting point