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Taxi Zhovti Vody

We work in 86 cities of Ukraine. Order a taxi in a convenient way.

Benefits of OnTaxi

  • Comfortable

    • Taxi service in 86 cities of Ukraine
    • Order in the application or by phone number 2000
    • Fixed trip price
    • Choice of car classes and additional options
  • Profitable

    • Payment by card or cash
    • Using Apple Pay and Google Pay
    • Discounts and promotional codes for trips
    • Car delivery less 5 minutes
    Google payApple pay
  • Safely

    • Checking the quality of cars
    • Careful selection of drivers
    • Car tracking on the map
    • Support service 24/7

OnTaxi car classes


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    Additional options for clients

    • "Plus and minus" - convenient price adjustment

    • Multiple trips - the ability to create up to 5 trips at the same

    • The ability to add up to 5 points along the route

    • My Addresses - the ability to save your locations


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